Sunday, June 24, 2007

Crinkle Chalk Background

Okay, here are two challenge cards I made to send to my wonderful friend Julia.

Busy, Busy, Me

I have been super busy and missed posting. I have been cramming everything into the last few days before I leave on Wednesday. I can not believe The Angel Company is 10 years old this year. I think back to when I found them and it really amazes me as to how far they have come. I found them when I searched for alphabet stamp set to use in my scrap-booking. I had been scrapping for a couple of years. Well, I love the internet and found several sets for sale on ebay. Well, to my suprise this started my journey with The Angel Company.

Now, I am going to be attending the 10th annual seminar in a couple of days. Wow, this is so much fun. Here is one trade that I designed for my trip.
Happy Stamping and Inky Hugs, Maria

Sunday, June 3, 2007

When did the weekends become just more work days...

Well, here is the close of yet another weekend in which I got nothing accomplished. I did work all weekend. YUCK! I want to play. When did this happen? It seems that the weekends only blend into more workdays.

I did get to steal a few minutes to make this card for my nephew's graduation party today. It always seems that I do not have the right cards on hand when the need arises, even though I make a ton :o)
This technique is called Modern Grid from Technique Junkies. I just love everything that Pat does with that site. Tons of samples and great tutorials.
Hope someone out there got to play.

Inky Hugs,


Sympathy Thank You Card

Here is the other two designs that I finished up tonight.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Recently, we had a death in the family. My brother in law at age 40.

Well, my sister asked me to make her sympathy thank you cards. Here are the 2 designs that I have finished, I am working on a third.

Starting Out

Well, this is it....Time to get up to date with the times. It seems that everyone has a blog spot, so now it is time for me.

I have been diligently trying to get ready for The Angel Company annual seminar. I have been designing trades, finishing my seminar scrapbook page (to the left), and trying to come up with something clever for a special trade. ARGHHHHHHH! And that does not even encompass all the packing, and gathering prop items for this adventure. Well, regardless of all the things I have left to do, I look for to this year more than the past years. This is the 10th annual tac seminar! Wo Hoo, we are going places. This year's theme is be brilliant and it seems to fit this company very well.

It was announced that the catalogs will now be twice a year, that means twice the fun. The catalog unveiling is just so much fun. We all are gathered in the banquet hall and all you hear is ohhh, ahhh, and pages turning. This will be my third seminar and I can hardly believe I am going.

I will try to share with everyone as much as possible.

Please feel free to post.

Hugs, Maria