Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sneak Peak at Fall Supplement 2007

Okay, here is a little peak. If you want to check out the whole supplement the follow this link:

Let me know if you find something that you really want. LOL

Make N Take - stamplifted

Here are some cards we made at my upline's. She said all of them are stamplifted. LOL. So she was thankful to share the designs with us.

If these are your designs, thank you! You do awesome work.

Split Negative

I really like this technique, I will be playing with it shortly and offering more samples. Emboss with opposite color, it is almost that easy. hahaha Just make sure to put repostional tape on the back to help from the cardstock moving while you are stamping.

Cute Corners

This is a technique I learned very easy to add detail to the corner of a project. The paper is from The Angel Company's designer paper collection. The set is called Seeds of Blessing, 4 cute image stamps, and 10 phrases and inspirational stamps. Love it!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Criss Cross Christmas

Did this one for a snowmen swap, shhh.

Criss Cross Fall

Fall is my favorite season, the crisp smell in the air. The cool breeze, that makes you run for your favorite sweaters. Makes me thankful for all the people that are in and have been in my life. It is a season that I reminisce about the blessings I have received. I wish that spring and fall could last just a little longer.

Hope's help

Okay, so I did not get much done with my little helper, but isn't she cute. She does this often, usually sitting on my stamp scrubber. Urgh! So then when I clean my stamps I have bright orange cat hair on them. She gets up here to look out the windows then sees her reflection and sits and admires herself. LOL! She is very vain, probably because we are always telling her she is so pretty.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh How We Love Our Hostesses!

This says it all "Oh how we love our hostesses!". Hold a workshop or place an order of $250 and received all the hostesses rewards plus this cute new set.

Remember September Special too

I absolutely love this paper collection and stamp set. When I first saw it all I could say was wow!

Remember September Special

Here are two great offers for the Month of September. Let me know if you are interested.
Lilly Anna is the paper collection.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Rock N Roll Christmas

I know everyone is probably sick of seeing so many winter/Christmas cards, sorry. That is just what I am in the mood for now. I absolutely love, love, love the fall but it starts my mind working. And when I think about how many card I need to get done, well let's just say, I start to panic. So, I end up making all Winter themed cards. I have to do something to get my mind ready to get them done. LOL!

Bib Card

Here is a simple bib card I did, I used a bazzill chip and layered my circles. I really like how easy this card is to make. I used the circle sampler stamp set from "The Angel Co.", Palette Inks, Simply Spooky designer paper from "The Angel Co.", Elements and Ribbon as from "The Angel Co." I really love how the ink, card stock, paper matches. Too Cool!

K Grad

Simple page for some of my daughters keepsakes. I scanned and shrunk her report card to place inside the library card.

Friday, September 7, 2007

One More Christmas Card

Okay, I had to try one more Holiday card before tomorrow. So, here it is... Again this feels to simple to me. I think my mind sees it one way then my hands create it another. Well, it is too late to redesign. I hope everyone likes one of them.

Thanks for sharing your time and comments with me. I really appreciate all the support everyone has given.

Set Used: The Angel Company - Simply Divine, Simply Christmas & Holiday Greetings

Maria Van Stratton

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Two for One, and One for All

These are my inspiration. My Kids. They are my everything, my huband's most precious gift. I often have to sit back and count my blessings. I have been given so much with my family. I just can not describe the love I have all of them.

Julianna is my artist, very imaginative and giving. She is very outgoing and everyone is her friend. She has more patience with her brother then even his mom. LOL. She teachs him, and when he tears things up she just sighs. What an understanding big sister.

John is my challenge, he is never afraid to try. His favorite saying is "I do it". He is 100% boy but he is very sensitive and shy with new people. He can watch Polar Express a million times and want to watch it again. He likes all the usual boy things, trains, cars, and playing with daddy and his tools. He is extremely neat, picks up after himself and likes this in order.

I love the experience of having a boy and a girl because it is vastly different. It is great to see and cherish the differences.

Christmas Shoe Box Card

This is my design for a shoe box Christmas card group. I feel like I am really getting a head start on Christmas cards. Wow! that will be a first.I used the cuttlebug embossing folder, the marvy scalloped punch,Cha Cha Hardware, Angel company stamps and Cha Cha designer cardstock. I also used a glue pen and added glitter to the embossed areas. I might redesign this or create a totally different one before Saturday. I think it might be just a little to simple for Christmas Cards.

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Never Give Up

Never give up...This is my son's motto. He is the most determined person I have ever meet. This is usually a wonderful quality, however in the hands of a two year old. Whoa! Hold on, your in for a wild ride, because nothing is going to stop him. He fears nothing, and loves with out worry. This kid gives his all in everything all the time. He makes me proud and fearful all within the same second.

I should have known that he was going to be this way. See we named him after my dad, who we lost the year before. He is a daily reminder of my dad and the love we shared. I miss him so much, but luckly we were blessed with my son John.

- Mea