Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update on Puppy & Christmas

Here is a little update on the past couple of days. Shadow had another check up and at 15 weeks old he is 45 pounds. Yikes!
He eats about 20 Pounds of food a week, and he is already taking the large pills for heart worm preventive.
This is him all tuckered out after opening his presents on Christmas day, the only one he wanted was that duck. I think he likes it because it makes duck noises. LOL!
My kids had a wonderful day and still are glowing. They are happy they have another week without school. John is showing signs of improvement on his behavior. We are continuing to work with him to talk out your problems versus hurting others.
We got the kids a couple of small gifts then a combined gift of the Wii system. They absolutely love playing it and even the little guy does pretty well. I like how it makes them move and interact with it. I am thinking about getting the Wii Fit for me to help motivate me to lose more weight.
Here at the end of the year with the resolution that I wanted to lose weight, well I did not hit my goal but I did lose 25 pounds. I will continue to work on that with the coming year. Weight Watchers is my friend, lol.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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Melinda said...

25#'s is AWESOME!!!! WAY TO GO MARIA!!!!