Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Template 03/03/09

Template Tuesday Template and it is time for me to return to the fun! It really seems like I do not have as much time for my cards these days. It seems like I can not keep up with all the balls I am jungling in the air. I am sorry for missing last week, I hope one day soon to have a blast of posting all the wonderful things that I have dreaming of doing. For now I have just focusing on all the normal women responsibilities. Which everyone know is everything under the sun. LOL!

Today's template was provided by Ami. I think we may need to ban the use of circles, just kidding they are fun when you can figure something to do with them.

Here is Ami's template:

Please be sure to check out all the others samples there website are shown in the upper right hand corner.If you should be interested in playing be sure to let us know, the more the merrier. Please mark your item and either send it to me referencing TT030309 or post it to your blog and send us the link via our comments.

Here is my sample:


Angela said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

Your card really rocks! I love it!