Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday Template 06-16-09

Let's Play! It is that time again to get the stamps out and play, play and play some more. I have been trying to get my trade cards designed and finished for seminar. I finished the first design and now I am working on getting another one created. In my spare time, lol, I was able to play with this template from Ami. I think this is such a cool design, I could have done more cards on this one but it is getting late and have a few more chores to finish. Especially, since my Friend Melinda told me that I can not slack on my house work till my kids are in college. LOL! Or at least she said that I would fell less guilty when I finally do. She is such a hoot! Maybe I will ship my kids to live with her till the are in College. :o)

Anyway, here is the sketch:
Here is my card made with the Angelee SWIC collection, Summer Elegance and Ordinary Greetings set.
If you should be interested in playing be sure to let us know, the more the merrier. Please mark your item and either send it to me referencing TT061609 or post it to your blog and send us the link via our comments.


Anonymous said...

To clarify - I never said you had to clean, I said you just had to feel guilty about not cleaning until they were in college then you could forget about feeling guilty. LOL!

Love your card by the way!

Ami said...

Oh it's gorgeous. Love it.