Monday, February 15, 2010

Ladybug - Sweet Friend

There is something about ladybugs that I can not resist. Even my kids love them. Most people get upset when in the fall they try to come into the house. My kids do not mind them in the house, they even make little house for them. I tell them that they will not stay in the box houses they make. I try to gently explain that they go where they want. It's hard for them to understand after they have lovingly provided the ladies with a full furnished home. :o)

I think my love for them stems from my Mom. See she always grew a garden and would encourage the ladies to stay. I know they eat the aphids which is great for gardeners. But I always thought they were lucky. Mom would grow Strawberries so sweet, and I was sure it was because of the lady bugs.

I can not wait till Spring so I can get some dirt under my nails and try to attract the ladies to dine in my garden.

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