Thursday, September 1, 2011

My kit arrived!!!!

So wanted to share with you my haul for the A*muse consultant kit. Can you believe this? I am lovin it. I spent most of the evening in my craft (just ask not so happy hubby) rearranging and making room. Some hard decision had to be made with what had to go.

I finally feel like I have the room to bring so new stamp in. Yippee! Now for my wishlist. LOL! We let's call it supplies for upcoming workshops. :o)

Check out these amazing blocks, soooo lovin' it. Although now I have a large stack of acrylic blocks that I do not think I will ever use.

And of course I could not get all these goodies with out sharing at least one creation. Well, truth be told I only had time for one.


Anonymous said...

NEW TOYS!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

Yea Maria!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

Seleise said...

woo hoo!!! I love your card and good for you for making some cuts. I'm not sure how many of mine are going to go just yet. I should but I'm attached. :) Glad you're part of the a*muse team!